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When you plan to live outside away from your home you are wide-awake about the difficulties that you are going to face. Having thought of making our lives a bit easier and sharing the load we decide to share a room with someone but quite naturally when two different people live together the problems are quite obvious to happen.

However, there is a hilarious difference in problems faced by both genders. Have a look at what are these problems and how are things different for both of them.

1. The battle of cleaning:

There remains a battle among boys to keep the room dirty and the girls fight for keeping the room dirty. When a guy sees that their partner has kept the one side of the room clean there happens the argument because the other starts having an inferiority complex. The girls’ story is equally funny. It is hilarious to see how calculatedly they will keep their side of the bed and floor clean.

2. The Running Battle for A.C and cooler:

If the room has a cooler then the problems are a more complex one. The ego definitely comes in between you and cool air. Who filled the water yesterday and who will fill it today is the long battling question which can even lead to hottest days and nights, because of the heated argument and no water in the cooler.

The war for the A.C is the same one, which happens everywhere.

3. Having the sleepless nights:

Having the sleepless nights when you are having an important day tomorrow is something which you would also have to face. When you are living together you would have to adjust to sleep in the lights and by any chance, if you are someone who can't get sleep in lights then you can’t do anything obviously.

4. There is no privacy:

When you are living with someone forget what privacy is because you are not going to get any. From having differences for being loud to spying to having odd misunderstandings for stealing the things there is a lot that you have to face every day and the best part is you cannot do anything.

Other than that you can have differences on anything and everything. Not kidding! It can happen anytime with anyone.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
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