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What are the obvious signs of a heart attack? Probably when someone has the problem of high blood pressure? Or maybe the patient history? Or probably by any other physical signs? Right? Actually wrong! According to a new study conducted by Sweden, the days of month and week can also determine the risk of having a heart attack.

What does the study say? Does it happen always?

According to the study it has been revealed that Mondays are the days when most heart attacks happen while the possibility of having a heart failure on Saturday is the least. This risk of getting more heart attacks on Mondays was about 11 per cent higher on any other day of the week. The study was collected from about 1, 50,000 hospitals over a period of seven years. This risk was more to be in younger and working people.

The study revealed an important finding that because Mondays are the days when one comes from the relaxing weekend, so the lower stress on Sundays followed by higher stress on Mondays leads to more number of heart attacks.

Another finding that was revealed in the research was that the month of December is the most prone to having heart attacks while July has the least risk of putting the person into stress level, causing the heart attacks.

Thus, one should indulge in activities of their choice. They can go for a movie or spend time with their loved ones to reduce the level of stress. It can help you to combat the heart attacks.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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