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Want to try the delicious taste of Cookie N Cream at home? Is it seems difficult for you? Actually, you know the secret, it not that much difficult. Yes, whenever I want to treat my guest or myself with the rich flavor of cookie n cream ice-cream I make it at home, and they don’t even get a single clue that the ice-cream is home-made.

So let’s go and see the recipe;

What you need for the Cookie N Cream Ice-Cream:
• 1 brick of vanilla ice-cream
• Oreo Biscuits
• Chocolate syrup, and
• Chocó chip

Let us jump straightaway to the recipe of it:
First, you need some tools, so get ready to take the notes.

Tools/Utensils: One big hollow container, one big spoon and you are now ready to proceed.

Take the whole vanilla ice cream in the bowl, fold it in. Now take the 5-6 Oreo chocolate cream biscuits and crush the (not so fine that you end up have Oreo powder). While crushing the biscuits remember that you need not make a fine powder, actually, you need small crushed biscuits so that while we mix them with the ice cream they don’t get smudge into it. Biscuits our main ingredient so they have to pop out.

Now, mix these crushed biscuits in the vanilla ice cream and gently fold it in. Now mix some chocolate syrup and fold in all together.

Now drop some Chocó chips and freeze your home-made ice-cream for at least 2 hours.

Serve in the stylish ways as you want your very own home-made Cookie N Cream ice-cream.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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