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Only a girl can understand how terrible are periods. They are worst, the cramps, the craving, the mood swings in short everything about periods is extreme. But we all know before periods we have to go through another hell… PMS! PMS aka Pre-Menstrual Syndrome is capable to drive us crazy. It has the ability to make us go form a b@#!* to a crybaby in just a few seconds.

PMS refers to physical and emotional symptoms that occur in one to two weeks before a woman’s period. It begins after ovulation and ends with menstruation. We all go through it but the intensity is different. Here are some PMS struggle that only girls can understand:

When you are PMSing you tend to get pissed at the slightest of touch and then BOOM! you explode and god forbids if the other person says something in return you start crying.

Suddenly you don’t like your work anymore. You know that this feeling is temporary and you will get over it but still it doesn’t help.

What am I doing with my life? No One Loves Me? These are some of the questions which come to your mind. You start doubting everything and everyone. You don’t understand what is happening to you. And, this my friend is all thanks to your periods. So just to make sure everyone loves you, you are doing great in your life. It is just these hormones playing with you!

You lose control when you are PMSing. Yes, you spend an unbelievable amount of money on sweets, chocolate, and ice creams. And, then to console yourself of buying so much food you buy another box of chocolates or sweets or ice cream and this process continues. It’s a never-ending cycle.


You know there comes a time when someone asks you that, what is wrong? or You look sick and you reply with I am fine. But that person doesn’t understand your subtle hints and says but, you don’t sound fine…” and then boom you snap “Oh I’m FINE.”

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