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United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) says that due to not being given vaccination to the children, the risk of the measles outbreak has increased by manifold in many countries of the world.

According to the assessment of the organization, between 16 and 20 million children were not given the first vaccine of measles between 2010 and 2017. About 2.11 million children do not get the measles vaccine every year.

Henrietta H. Fore Executive Director of UNICEF, said, “The possibility of spreading measles all over the world had started many years ago.” She said, “The measles virus affects children very easily who are not vaccinated against the measles disease. If we really want to prevent the spread of this dangerous disease, then we should treat every child in poor and rich countries. ”

According to UNICEF, 110,000 cases of measles worldwide were recorded in the first three months of 2019. Which is 300% more than the same period last year. According to an estimate, in 2017, 110,00 people died due to measles. Which include mostly children. In this sense, a 22 percent increase compared to last year.

Two doses of measles vaccine are given to protect children from this disease. UNICEF said, “Although lack of availability, lack of healthcare services. In some cases, due to fear or suspicion about the vaccine, coverage of the first vaccine of measles in the world has been 85 percent in 2017.

While on the other hand, the coverage of the second dose is even lower i.e. 67%. This has happened despite the world population increases. Despite the population increasing, in the last several decades. According to the World Health Organization, to get immunity against Measeals, 95% coverage in important. According to the recently released data, the coverage of the first dose in high-income countries is 94%, whereas second dose coverage is 91%.

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