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You cannot talk to strangers but can marry one; I fail to understand the logic behind the arranged marriages in India, especially the marriages of the earlier times. How can one spend the entire life with someone, who they haven’t seen in their life? Are you kidding me? Things have become somehow better when we compare it with earlier times. I mean hats off to them for being a risk taker in life.

Keeping aside the risk-taking capabilities the fact is our mothers or the women of the earlier generations hardly lived their own dreams. She has spent her entire life thinking about the happiness of her husband but does that happen from the other side as well? Everyone knows the bitter reality.

Another noticeable factor is how the thoughts vary when it comes to the previous generation and the present generation. I mean when I look at the things that my parents consider ideal in a partner is hell different from what the people of our generation think. For them, the basics like understanding and interests hardly make any differences but really? These are basic necessities for making any marriage successful.

Have a look at the noticeable differences in both the generations:

1. Consent

2. Thoughts

3. Dreams

4. Adjustments

5. Spending time before marriage

6. Matter of interest

I agree we may not be that adjusting when it comes to making compromises in life but the point is “ Is it really necessary to do?

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design Credits- Vikas Kakkar

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