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One of the weirdest things for women are having dark pores on the legs. While they are tired of dealing with it, those numerous ways have failed. These pores are easily visible from naked eyes and can be embarrassing. Here are a few ways to get rid of these dark pores or strawberry legs.

Exfoliate legs
Exfoliating legs can prevent the appearance of strawberry legs. It will help you get rid of any buildup of oil, dirt, or bacteria. Exfoliation also removes layers of dead skin cells. This means that hair will have a better chance of penetrating through the skin, instead of growing back into the skin. It will help you get smooth, soft legs.

Regular moisturizing of skin keeps it healthy and free from irritation. It keeps your skin barrier intact. It protects your skin barrier, and help to avoid dark pores and strawberry legs. Not only will your skin be healthier, but it’ll also be softer and smoother.

Rose water+ cucumber
Cucumber soothes the skin and removes the swelling. And, the vitamin C present in it is an antioxidant that helps remove irritation. Whereas, the rose water moisturize and beautify the skin.

Aloe vera
It is a potent moisturizer. Aloe vera helps in keeping skin well hydrated and has the properties of fighting against bacteria and fungi. Massaging with aloe vera gel on your legs daily can help give legs free of dark pores.

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