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There are times when you have to choose the one out of the two roads and quite obvious you are stuck in the dilemma to choose which one. It is natural to have those moments in life when you regret the road taken. Happens with you as well? So what road you should take in life? The one suggested by your parents or the one you wish to choose?

Right from the biggest decision of life like the career choice to the marriage decision to the smallest decision of everyday life there are possibilities of having situations when your opinions contradict with you? Should you choose your dreams over their happiness?

Yesterday my sister spoke against my father’s decision related to her marriage. While my father was okay in finalising her relation after 2 meets because he found the groom and his family suitable for my sister while she wasn’t really sure of the boy so she certainly wanted some more time. However, after expressing her opinion, she felt like she hurt her father.

There are similar situations in our lives when we decide to go with the voice of our heart and mind. Is it wrong to do that? The answer actually lies with you. You can present your side to anyone in a way that it does not hurt the other person. Thus the better option is to be cautious rather than not expressing what you want or what you want to do.

Agreed that our parents are our biggest well-wishers but if you are always afraid to take decisions of life that you think is right for you there won’t be come a situation when you will be able to take the bold decisions of life.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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