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A green plant and its cool environments have always attracted the human being. The hot season summer has already started. We keep our garden packed with green plants for a lovely look. Looking all this it requires decorating our house with a plant with exciting lamps. This trend is now increasing in the metro city that gives a cool look to our house.

We may attach the plant with different fancy lighting that looks great at night and it attracts us. You may attach the plant with a ceiling lamp, a table lamp, and other fancy lamps. Alovera, snake plant, Pothos, Rabbit's ear, Rubber plant, Dumbcane, and Spider plants are suitable renowned name may be the best plants for the decoration.

Most of the experts recommend using these plants instead of changing different curtain. You may avoid changing the colours of your walls at your home. Therefore, it is good to replace this change with decorative plants with lights.

You may place these plants in the corner of your room or on the main gate of your house. Nowadays people demand special spaces from the builder to keep these plants. They place it on the table top to get an attractive look.

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