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Bhangarh Fort is one of hunted place we're pretty sure you have heard of. The place which is recognized as 'Legally Haunted' place in India, Even Archaeological survey of India clog the tourists and locals from entering in the fort at night. If you are a thrill seeker and still you want to plan a trip of Bhangarh Fort, You have to keep some points in your mind.
Bhangarh is almost six hours drive from the National Capital of India. The fort is placed at the border of Sariska Tigar Reserve in Alwar district of Rajasthan. The fort is built by Madho Singh in the 17th century. Apart from the fort, one can visit the Narayani Mata Temple, Siliserk lake palace and Sariska Tiger Reserve. One who is planning to visit Bhangarh by road, On your way there are good accommodation and hospitality with a luxury stoppage by Taj hotel, CCD and KFC to grab some grub on the way. You can take flight also from New Delhi to Jaipur which is the nearest airport to Bhangarh.
If we are visiting Bhangarh Fort, must remind in your mind that you can't grab a bite of food to eat within the village and the whole area closes down after sunset. Not a single person is allowed to enter or stay in the fort area after sunset. You need permission from the government of India to stay in the premise after sunset.
There are some stories that we hear from the local residents and travel blogger:-
Bhangarh Fort was cursed by a wizard whose name was Guru Bala Nath. Who has ordered that no one will be built house taller than his house? He has cursed that if the shadow of a taller house will touch his house, the whole village will be ruined. Once Ajab Singh grandson of Madho Singh has built his fort taller than wizard house when the shadow touched the wizard house that led to the destruction of the whole village.
Other stories are that there was a black magician who cursed the whole village before dying. Some of stories teller say that there was a princess whose name was Ratnavati and a black magician whose name was Singhia. Singhia was attracted toward princess and decided to use his black magic to fodder the princess Ratnavati. But princess comes to known about wizard motives and order for the death of a wizard when the wizard was breathing his last breath he curses the whole village that no person will live peacefully in that village.
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