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In India, the horrifying mentality that exists surrounding the ‘rape’ and “rape culture” is a disturbing one. Quite often it is not the men’s attitude which is questioned rather women inviting the rape is a subject of discussion. The good news is the public discourse around the subject is on the upswing but ironically this has turned the tables on the ugly side because we have become so casual talking about the term.

‘A woman wearing short dress is inviting rape’, a woman not behaving properly is inviting rape, women who travel late on the streets is inviting rape. Thus any women going against the patriarchal norms is inviting rape and the discussion about the ‘rape’ is just taking on a such a lighter note.

The people who make such irresponsible comment do they even realise how much mentally and physically is it disturbing to deal with the trauma associated with the ‘rape’. The recent incident of Gurgaon where a middle-aged woman invites the man to rape the girls for wearing the short dress at least highlights this once again that the sufferings associated with the ‘ Rape’ are just taken too lightly.

Not just the casual approach around the ‘Rape culture’ a single concern there remains some other important issues as well. Unnecessary moral policing of the girl is one worrying aspect of the society which has been in existence since ages.

One form of rape, “marital rape’ does not even exist in our country, the term is inappropriate because according to so-called male members of our society the religious ceremony marriage gives them license to do forceful sex and which they do not consider it as a rape.

This is the level of the mentality which surrounds not only around the marital rape but the rape in general. Will it change? I really don’t know.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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