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We all know that the “honeymoon” phase in a relationship where each partner is on their best behavior trying to impress one another. After a few months though, usually, their true colors start to seep out and reality hits. Check out these funny (and true) graphics of Before vs. After of Couples Together.

On the first date:
Being together for a long time
How many first dates have you been on that you rush to get to and make sure to arrive early?

What about after dating for a while… “Baby, I’m on my way, I’ll be 10 minutes late…”

When you first start living together, every night might seem romantic!

After a few months of living together, things might be a little different and unrecognizable in the house.

First dates: "Baby, I can't finish it. Can you eat it?" “Sure"

What about after dating for a while. “Wow look how big your belly is!”

First dates: " What do you want to eat"

What about after dating for a while. “What do you want to eat?" "I just told you whatever!!"

On the first date “This shirt is so cute!” “It looks great on you! Let me buy it for you!”

After dating for a few months “This shirt is so cute!” Man watching the mobile phone and say "sure, buy it if you like it"

How many of you can relate to these?

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