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If you remember Ekta Kapoor, famous Indian Television and film producer, then you must remember that her serials are empty without a villain. Where it is villain or villainess in the serial, they make sure to make the life of protagonist hell. And the most favourite ingredient in the stories of Ekta Kapoor is that- villainesses always (I don’t know why) tries to snatch the protagonists’ husbands, and as the story proceeds they used to become a nightmare not only for the protagonist but also for the wives who used to watch these serials.

But I must say that at that time vamps were used to be the most favorite characters of the makers, and this is the reason that they were the ‘spice-adder’ is the whole Television series.

Let us see who these unforgettable villains are:

1. Komolika: Kasuati Zindagii Kay

Big bindis, high-fashioned (according to that time) blouses, aesthetic hairstyle and…and…and a dream to take over the Basu empire. How many of you remember this iconic vamp? Ekta Kapoor’s K-era is totally incomplete without vamps, so who she can let a simple love-story of two innocents Anurag and Prerna go without the sequel of a vamp. After playing the role, Urvashi Dholakia got so famous.

2. Ansh Gujral: Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi

First of all, I don’t why Ekta Kapoor’s each serials names were so weird. But movies on the Ansh, who is villain, who raped Nandini (bahu of Tulsi) and did a lot and lots of Bure Kaam naturally had to get the same result. And at the end of his character’s story his own mother- Tulsi shot him on the head, and till the next two episodes, we saw him in the same feeling position.

3. Mandira: Kyuki Saan Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi

Yet another villain from KSBKBT, I must say that this serial had a lot of villains. So as here comes- Mandira, who wants to snatch protagonist- Tulsi’s husband. And only Ekta Kapoor knows why. Mandira becomes the nightmare of every house as a husband snatcher, even wives using her name –‘Mandira’ as an abusive word.

4. Pallavi: Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki

Again a woman who wants to steal another woman’s husband, and only God knows why this kind of plot is so famous. And Pallavi is one of the horrible vamps in the list.

5. Kali Pari: Son Pari

If you are grown watching 90s serials, then you must remember about Kali Pari, from the opposite party of Son Pari (my favorite pari of that time, she was like magic). We all hated Kali Pari so much as we loved Son Pari, and Kali Pari hates Frooty. It is prophesized that Frooty is the only girl who would kill Kali Pari.

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