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The back and forth vibration along with extra thumping of blood by the heart is something which can only be experienced when you are waiting for the exam results. When the exams are ‘board’ exam that unwanted speculation in the family and friend circle just increases ‘n’ times.

Thus, what happens on the result day is something which does not happen on the other days.

1. Phone Calls you receive

The most frustrating part about the results of any important exams is that you receive endless calls from your relatives as well as friends. When the result is bad the level of frustration has some another level.

2. Number of relatives

I wonder why and how the number of well-wishers just rises on the day of result day. Especially if you are an average student these well-wishers, who would want to be your career counsellor come to your life so unexpectedly.

3. Mixed emotions

The day of the result is filled with a plethora of mixed emotions: frustration, anger, excitement, nervousness, fear. This is something which is so hard to skip.

4. Time spent at home

If it’s holiday it is rare that you would like to spend your time at your place but contrary happens on the result day because you don’t want to answer the questions of everyone: who are concerned about your life more than anyone else.

5. Wake up early

If it’s a weekend then you can’t wake up early in the morning but you are so worried about the result day that you can’t get asleep. Right?

6. Suicides of children

The peer pressure and the fear associated with the exams are so deep that the student ends up with Suicide.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design Credits- Vikas Kakkar

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