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In the digital world sharing passwords in a relationship can be super intimate. And, to my shock a way of building trust. Sharing is caring but giving that kind of access can be scary. After all, if there is trust then there shouldn’t be any need of exchanging passwords.

Sharing of passwords is very common in today’s world as everything is just a pin away and it shows that you trust your partner. Plus it gives them access to personal life. Couples also do it for convenience. For instance, if you use your partner's Netflix or computer more frequently then it's better to know the password than asking for it again and again.

In a Relationship we share love and likes, Turn on and Turn offs, Passion and Aspirations. And, now our passwords to build trust and intimacy. But is it really required? Sharing passwords can be really scary, and private. Here is how.


Well if you really trust your partner then there is no need to share or exchange passwords. The theory that sharing is caring is just not apt for sharing passwords. It rather shows how intrusive and cynical your partner is.


Sharing your password with your partner gives him to hold on your personal life. All your chats and meeting with your old friends or colleagues are accessed by him. It gives him a say in every decision you make and takes away your freedom.


We usually do this stupidity of sharing our passwords on our happy times but forget that after break up it can be used as a weapon to take revenge. After a breakup, it gives access to all your accounts to your partner. Which can be very scary.


Sharing password in an early stage of a relationship can be way too risky. Your partner could seem trustworthy at first and backstab you. Your partner could misuse your account to commit identity theft, unwarranted purchase, build up a large debtor catch a virus on your device, etc.

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