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Being in a relationship is beautiful; however, the fact that we become guarded in a relationship isn’t beautiful. The ‘honeymoon’ period of the relationship does not last forever is quite natural but what isn’t natural is the fact that we are not able to process this fact easily and the result being ‘ superficial expectations’ in the relationship and thus relationship breaks down after some time.

What makes it worse are the efforts that we make to cling to the broken relationship. As once say if you try to break the broken wings it won’t ever heal. Similarly, if you try to heal that broken relationship it won’t make anything good. Thus the better option is moving forward without the relationship. No doubt, it is one of those difficult decisions of life but once you dare to do that it does produce good results in the long run.

What exactly is wrong when you desperately try to make efforts to heal the broken relationship? It brings out the evil personality of yourself because you become what you are actually not. Also, if something is yours you don’t have to try that hard to get back to you but losing your true self or identity is not a good option even if it comes with success.

As there are few relationships which aren’t there to exist at all. So instead of making efforts to stick to that relationship make an effort to get over it and it does not specifically apply to any romantic relationship but every relationship in general.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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