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In a bizarre yet extremely weird incident, an AirPod was found to be working fine after being swallowed by a man in Taiwan. As per the Daily Mail report, the man named Ben Hsu accidentally swallowed an AirPod while sleeping. He recalls, that he slept with a pair of AirPods in his ears but could find only one after he woke up. He tried to search the second Pod using the AirPod tracking feature on the iPhone only to realise it was in his stomach.

He noticed that the beeping sound - triggered by iPhone - was following him. "I checked under my blanket and looked around but couldn't find it - then I realized the sound was coming from my stomach," he told Daily Mail.

Hsu then soon rushed to a doctor for an X-ray to confirm his suspicion and to his bad, his suspicion was on point. The X-ray scan confirmed the presence of an AirPod and its location in his stomach. However, the doctors claimed that Hus wouldn't require surgery to get it removed and believed it should naturally come out through feces.

To Hsu delight, the AirPod did come out naturally and was still working fine. "The battery was still at 41 percent! It was incredible," Hsu said, calling his experience of Apple AirPods purely 'magical'.

Nevertheless, the incident proofs that one could blindly trust AirPods for their durability in and out. The incident certainly might inspire people to get their hands on the AirPods for the wonderful creation they are. And if the bizarre incident doesn't inspire you enough to buy a pair, then how about the black colour variant of AirPods that Apple just announced?

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