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Breakup is really difficult especially when you are deeply involved in any relationship. It can turn pretty ugly when you are trying to move over the broken relationship. However it is difficult to guide anyone about dealing with this difficult phase of life, it can be made a bit easy if you stay away from following these common breakup trends.

1. The ritual of blocking:

In the digital age a lot has changed in the relationship. With social media becoming a platform to delve deep into the emotional state, it is also making the situation a little more complicated. While blocking and unfollowing the partner on social media platform is a trend you become part of it actually makes the situation difficult to cope up.

When you are blocking someone you are actually making yourself more frustrated and angry. When you do that it makes it more difficult to move on. So if possible it is better to stay from it and keep it normal as it is possible.

2. Hide last seen or not:

While it is quite natural to have an interest in your partner life at least for the time being which quite often results in stalking your partner. If you see that your partner is online at 4:00 am, it does feel bad. Right? So it is advisable that you keep your last seen off to prevent yourself from the damage.

3. To be a friend or not? :

There are quite possibilities that you would want to maintain contact with the partner but give some time and space to each other. Things can actually turn worse if you try to befriend each other because you have just moved from the relationship state. You can be friends with each other but give some time to give that a shoot.

4. Memories are good or bad? :

While it is difficult to get over the memories because it can actually make you emotionally broken. So a lot of people destroy all these memories but this isn’t the way you will be able to take yourself from the relationship.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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