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We all have some ‘best of friends’ in our life, who are a vital part of our lives. Some of them we met in school, while some came in our life during our college time. As one enters in the working zone, things, however, begin to take a downfall; you don’t have that ‘Vella time’ as you use to have it before. Also, priorities of life also take a sharp turn during this new phase of life.

Thus, even the closest friends do not share a similar equation and distance, of course, is the primary reason for it. However, if you continue to try to avoid them and maintain a distance from them then it is quite certain that the misunderstandings will prosper in your friendship

This misunderstanding will eventually make your bonding week. When you try to talk to them after a long period, things would be understood in a quite different manner. This change in your friendship happens because of lack of communication.

Most of the time we take our good friends for granted because we think that we always have had a strong bonding and nothing will change their friendship. However, understanding and bonding do get affected when you don’t talk to your friends for long.

Yes, it is obvious that you can’t give the same amount of time that you used to spend earlier but small chit chats and meets at intervals will make help you to maintain the same level of bonding in your friendship, in fact, you will continue to remain best of friends forever. Thus it is important that you take out little time from your life otherwise you can lose your friends forever.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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