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In this fast-paced world of competition, there would be hardly any who is untouched by the mammoth of unwanted stress. Everyone desires to have a healthy and happy lifestyle but are we really successful in that? The answer is ‘no’.

We all remain in search of a happy stress-free life and positive thinking and yoga are some suggestive ways to stay calm and beat the negativity of our life. While these measures seem to be effective to the extent, however, the practicalities in our everyday life make it a non-viable option, especially for the youngsters.

These hobbies are definitely is a practical solution to make your life better:

1. Keeping a pet:

The health benefits of parenting a pet are wondrous. Apart from the real stress busters pets help to:
• Decreased blood pressure
• Decreased cholesterol levels
• Decreased triglyceride levels
• Decreased feelings of loneliness
• Increased opportunities for exercise and outdoor activities
• Increased opportunities for socialization

2. Writing:

Penning down your emotional journeys not only helps you to stay away from the stress but it also helps you to recover fast from the physical wounds. The study says that those who have a habit of writing can easily heal from any traumatic experience .

3. Gardening:

Digging the green covers actually have more advantages that you may have thought of. According to the studies, outdoor exposure to Vitamin D helps to reduce the risk of heart stroke by 30%. Thus it is not only making your environment healthy but also making you healthy.

4. Listening to music:

While the correlation between stress and music has been a debatable topic, as according to some music adds the element of distraction in your work but listening to your favourite beat certainly soothes your mind.

5. Dancing:

When your body feels good, your mind will automatically feel good and like every other physical activity dancing breaks out of the stressful stronghold of everything else around you. Apart from that dancing helps you to express the true self of yourself.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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