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In movies, you have seen many beautiful villages. At the time of watching the movie, there is definitely a thought in the mind of almost all the city dwellers, are they exactly what the villages have been shown in the film. Due to being big in big cities, many people do not even know how the villages are in reality.
Gangadevipalli, Andhra Pradesh
It is said that the soul of India is a settlement in the village, if it is true then we must definitely adopt the Ganga Devi Palli development model. A small town in Warangal district of Andhra Pradesh, where there is no shortage of any necessary facilities for life. From continuous electricity, continuous supply of water and scientific methods to purify water, cable TV set by the community, pucca and lighted roads. This village is constantly moving towards progress and all its credit goes to the villagers.
Chizami, Nagaland
Chizami, a small village in Naga's Fek district, has been revolutionizing social, economic reforms and environmental protection over the past decade. Today, in Chagami, known as an ideal village form in the Naga community, young people from Kohima and nearby villages come to know about the internship and Chizami development model.
Odanthurai, Tamil Nadu
The panchayat of Odanthurai village in Tamil Nadu did the same thing, they can not think well. This small village of Tamil Nadu is an example for all. In fact, the village Panchayat itself produces electricity. There is no shortage of electricity in the village. Even the electricity to the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board is supplied from the same village. The village has also been awarded the International Award for its work. To produce electricity, the villagers had invested 5 crore rupees. These projects distribute electricity in 8000 homes.
Hiware Bazaar, Maharashtra
There is a village like this, which can not compete with developed cities in big cities too. The name of this village is Hiware Bazar village, which is in Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra. You will not believe 60 million people live in this village. In 1972, this village was badly wasted in the grip of drought and the fate of the people of this village took such a turn that since 1995, no tanker was called here for irrigation of water. The number of couples in this village is 294.
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