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Exams are a harrowing time in anybody's life because Indian culture has ingrained the fact that the results of the exams will determine the rest of your life. The fact that students are pressurised for getting marks not just in the most important competitive examinations, ’The boards’ and examinations after the school and college but it remains the foremost important thing in every student’s life is really troublesome. Thanks to the failure of our tragic education system.

Well, it sounds amazing to hear about the efforts put in by the toppers of the class 10th and 12th examinations and big congratulations to them for achieving what they did and also for the sheer amount of sacrifices they did to achieve that position. No offends but was it really necessary? Does give undue importance to the marks so important in our lives if it comes at losing childhood memories? Does it bring the good necessary for achieving the so-called success in life?

Although it may seem like but I am not at all against the education and I am here to oppose the education system which focuses only on marks rather than the practicality in life.

Education is, of course, important in everyone’s lives but are marks the apt criterion to judge anyone’s abilities? I personally don’t think so! How many jobs really ask for how many marks you achieve in so and so subjects, be it school marks or the college marks. Yes HR would ask you about your 10th,12th and college percentage but the amount of focus and efforts we put in to secure every make does that have practical significance in our lives? I think you know the answer!

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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