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It is a universal truth that moms are so… so… (Infinity) special and for them their kids and family matter so much. So why not we do something for her to make her feel special. So take a look at the things that you can do with your mother on Mother’s day.

Create A Scrapbook/ Journal Together

You can ask for spare time from the busy schedule of her to make a scrapbook with her that contains all your mother’s and your picture. Even you can paste some of your father’s and mother’s picture that they clicked together, and write some message on it draw something that reminds her of you. You can even surprise her by it on your own.

Get the garden ready for the summer

Both your mother and you make your own mini garden with your choice of plants, and this will the memory for the lifetime. Whenever your mother will see the garden she remembers you.

Breakfast in Bed

Ok, she is doing this for you for years, now for a day, even you can do this for her. If you are not good at cooking you can prepare an easy-to-cook breakfast, like juice, smoothies, and bread-butter. It will really give a big smile on her face.

Personalized Card

Hand-made cards are more special for a mother rather than the card which bought from a gift shop. Because when you make a card by your hands, it will always resemble you and whenever she will see if she got so emotional and remember you.

Go Shopping

Your mother is also a lady and just like you, your mother also loves shopping. So in spite of going with your friends, you can go and shop for her and with her. This will make your bond stronger.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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