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France’s ambassador to the United Nations said that countries such as India and Germany, Brazil and Japan have an urgent need to be included as permanent members of the United Nations Security Council. This will better reflect contemporary realities. He said that the involvement of these key members in the important institution of the United Nations is involved in the strategic priorities of France.

“The policy of France and Germany is strong in terms of the policy, which is related to working together to succeed in the expansion of the Security Council and to succeed in that conversation,” France’s permanent representative of the United Nations, Franco Deltare told reporters. This increases the scope of the Security Council, which we consider to be very essential to better reflect the world as it is. There is no question about this. ‘

Dalparta emphasized that France believes that proper representation of Germany, Japan, India, Brazil and especially Africain the direction of fair representation is extremely important. This is a matter of priority for us. He underlined that France believes that with the addition of some key members, enlarging the security council is one of our strategic priorities.

India has been at the forefront in the efforts of the Security Council for long-standing reforms in the United Nations. He emphasized that it deserves a suitable place as a permanent member of the United Nations’s important body.

Syed Akbaruddin had said that 113 members out of a total of 122 members on the issue of categories of membership Framework document had cleaned its position and supported the expansion of the existing two categories in the charter. Or was.

Akbaruddin had said that reform in the United Nations is a process rather than a program, although there is no such process in our understanding that the process of reform in the Security Council is as complicated as it is.

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