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Digitalization's main agenda was to make people’s life more comfortable and convenient. From online shopping of shoes, clothes to fruits and vegetables, we are just one-clicked away from bringing them all in our doorsteps. But what if I say that now you are also one click away from getting engaged in an extra-marital affair…(long silence!!!).

We all know Bangalore as the capital of high-tech industry, all over India. But according to the recent reports, the capital as becoming- ‘Infidelity Capital’ with over 1.35 lakh cases reported of extra-marital affairs. The city is also very famous for its nightlife, and now with this dating app named, Gleeden, the city is becoming more and more famous for growing numbers of cheaters.

In my thoughts, I believe that marriage is a part of our life through which many lives are connected and with all those ‘Sath Vachan’ (seven promises) in front of the sacred fire (according to Hindu rituals) you promise each your partner to be truthful entire your life or till you are married to that person. Then why including some other person in your life, if you are not happy with your partner, or your marriage fails then talk to them and separate.

By dating some other than and hiding it from your partner this is cheating. And so as some people for making money promoting such sites using digitalization.

According to the report came out by estimating the app’s registration, 43,200 women just from Bangalore have signed up, meanwhile, 91,800 men registered themselves in that dating app.

An extra-marital affair can be happened anywhere, who want to do it, are not only limited to such apps or websites, instead, they can find anyway either it can be an office, relatives, neighbor or so on.

I don’t support the extra-marital affair. And tell me in the comments what you think about this and the report.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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