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Smartphones have clearly transformed the lives in the way unimagined.They offer so much in one small package, that has made our life so comfortable and relaxing. But I wonder what would have happened if this mini-computer was existing at the time of Ramayana? Just think, how much comforting life it would be if that happened?

1. No exile for 14 years

If people had a smartphone at that time certainly Lord Rama was not sent for exile for 14 years. I mean if Bharat was informed by someone about the Kaikeyi demand of making him the king he would have at the first place and maybe the exile of Rama would have never happened.

2. Mata Sita would not be kidnapped

And by chance it did happen, it would certainly be so easy for Rama to find the Sita Mata or maybe she would not have been kidnapped at the first place because when Sita Mata heard the noise that Rama needed his help he could have directly enquired about the same through phone and he would not have to leave the place and draw a Laxman Rekha. If by chance he would not have been making a call because of the network issue them Sita Would have called Rama when she was in a dilemma if she should step out.

3. It would have been so easy to find her

Expecting that this could not be prevented at least it would not have equally the time it was taken to search Sita if there was phone because she could have sent her live location or maybe send the video of her whereabouts or maybe she could have contacted through the phone.

I expect Jatayau could also have made the video when he saw Ravan taking Sita to his place.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design Credits- Vikas Kakkar

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