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Ohh God… please, somebody, tell them they are not good, they are just like a heap of garbage that is growing in their mind and the same thing coming out in the form of songs (shit not song, according to a good mindset person).

This game of shit all started from Honey Singh, who started his career in 2005 and in 2011 his ‘High Heels’ and Brown Rang’ got in fame. But it wasn’t his popularity who kept him shine in the people’s eyes, actually, his lyrics were and still are the main culprit who seen as offensive and misogynistic. And the bunch of Punjabi and Haryanvi rappers that he spawned followed suit. All these lyrics are nothing just tells us how these rappers including Starboy LOC, Millind Gaba, Fazilpuria and Badshah showcase women/girls a sex object.

These young growing rappers doing nothing to clean act with their new thinking, instead of learning from Honey Singh and adapting all the shit from the kind of society they live in. To avoid supporting by playing their songs, in past many DU’s girls’ colleges decided not to invite artists who sang sexist songs to their fests. In the era where #MeToo is going on, they are continuing to molest girls in their songs.

“Silicone wali ladki ko mein pakadta nahi, Brown girls se mera dil bharta nahi, Gori gori skin le liye mei marta nahi, Kyuki main hu sher, ghaas charta nahi”- Makhna(2018), Honey Singh.

“Daru ke naam pe chal degi, Yeh pakka mujhko faal degi, Itna sexy hai bhai tera, Yeh aaj nhi to kal degi”- Laila Bhand Ho Gayi (2018), Starboy LOC.

Now after reading these lyrics can you please tell me, is there any sense in it? But only one thing I find in these lyrics and it is- girls are just like an object for them. These all so-called artists continue to churn out sexist lyrics but argue that this is what the audience demands. But I don’t think that any good mindset person who hate all these shits, respect girls and love their sisters and mother would ever support this, and talking about girls not a single girl who knows what they are really portraying would like to support.

But when questioned, many of them just ignored all the questions and continue making shit lyrics, and those who spoke up they bluntly said, “Toh ab kya hum bhajan banayein”. Honey Singh was unavailable to comment but Starboy LOC who recently launched his songs including- Laila Bhand Ho Gayi and Dilli Se Hoon Behenc***, says, “We write lyrics taking inspiration from the society and surrounding we live in. Joh Honey bhai ne line likhi hai, ‘Silicone wali ladki’ – sabko pata hai silicone kya hota hai. Agar unhone use kara toh I don’t think usme kuch galat hai. We are not commenting on anyone. We are writing what we see around us. Ya toh yeh ho sakta hai ki sab kuch chhodke ‘Tu Raja Ki Rajdulari’ bana lein, remixes sun lein ya bhajan bana dein, as we’ll not be able to write anything new.”

While Fazilpuria made some meaningful songs but he too falls to this ridiculous level when he launched his party' By Fazilpuria (2016), “Ek Baanth Ki Skirt Pehre, Va Bhi Niche Ja Rahi Se”, Fazilpuria replies, “ Kisi line ko achha banane ke liye sexy word use karte hain. We are not insulting anybody. Ladkiyan toh pehenti hi hain ek baanth ki skirt toh ismein kuch galat nahi bataya. There is no connection of #MeToo with these songs. Aapka sochne ka nazariya hai skirt ki measurement ka. Yeh baat humare dimaag mein nahi thi.”

I think boy you need to open your mind and explore the better world, where those people are living who see girls wearing skirts and take it as common as the men are wearing shorts or pant. Because they respect girls and never comment how you are commenting.

While Millind Gaba said, Gaane suno, party karo, zyada socho mat,” he suggests. Speaking of older songs, what exactly did he mean by “Main Hoon Snoop Dogg, Peechhe Teri Billi Ke Hoon” in ' Aisa Na Dekh' (2016)? “I don’t think there’s any double meaning in these lyrics,” he replies, “From Snoop Dogg’s reference,humne line nikali kyunki kutte billiyon ke peechhe hi toh hote hain. Mujhe nahi pata aap ise kaise perceive kar rahe hain.”

But please tell why… like why would anyone like to listen to these songs, and why you need to clarify if you would have made something sensible no one would ask this to you.

Think your two or five-year-old child singing these songs not even knowing that they mean, what they will learn and what mindset they will gain. From my point of view, if we want to stop these, we first stop listening and playing all their songs just like many young people are doing.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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