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Well, almost everything in life requires balance. When you study you need to relax when you relax you need to study. If you are practical in life you need to be little impractical as well. If you don’t maintain that required balance in life you would probably miss some of the most experiences of your life.

Here are 2 of the most reasons why you need to have balance in life?

1. You will miss some of the most cherishable experiences of your life

For this, I would be sharing some of my personal experiences of life. My parents have had always been very strict about studies, marks, rank and position and that is the reason why I have always been focused only on one thing and that has been academics but when I see myself where I stand currently I realize how much important things like Cartoons, songs, movies, fun and practical facts about life I have been missing since my childhood.

2. Balancing has always been the suggestive way to achieve your goals.

Consider a simple example of it. You are preparing for some competitive examination and quite certain you would have interest in some subjects while some subjects would be of no interest to you. So would you waste your time stressing about the subjects you don’t like and understand or would you prefer giving your time to subjects in which you are good at? The most possible answer to this question according to the people who have excel in competitive exams is that you don’t need to focus on everything.

Thus,you need to learn the art of focusing and defocussing things and no one can stop you from succeeding.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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