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If it comes to the finding of the bizarre challenges Internet is surely the place you must look for because people seem to do anything, be it risking their lives or for that other’s lives when it comes to absurd weird challenges which actually does not make any sense.

One such bizarre challenge which has been added to this list is the cockroach challenge in which users are posing with the cockroach on their face. The challenge was started by a Facebook user Alex Aung on April 20, who posted the picture of the cockroach on his face and posted “New challenge, can you do this?” The citizens who went gross after seeing the pictures spread it to the social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook and it has now gone viral.

While this is only one of the challenge which does not even seem to be entertaining at all there remains the endless list of such challenges which have gone viral even when the origin of such challenge remains to be unknown. One such challenge includes ‘The 1 finger challenge’.

While the risk associated with such challenge remains one of the important points of discussion, the other important issue that propels is an indication of the level of our mentality and our sense of entertainment because I cannot understand why and how at first place such challenges have gone viral or will go viral. Neither of most of these challenges is entertaining then why do people spread it so much?

Although these everyday ‘new trends’ are not at all new because such contests and challenges have gone viral from quite a few time, however, the question is ‘ will such challenges continue to take rounds on social media?

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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