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All the crazy travelers wait for weekends to step out of their home and get a sigh of relief from their busy and heck tech schedules. And what’s better than a road trip? But let’s admit as exciting it is at the same time it has got its own hazards. And, makes you rethink and replan the trip. With these items, you don’t have to rethink about your road trip and you can go easy on the road.

Elbow friend
The Plush arm pillow will be your perfect companion when planning a road trip. It will give the comfort you desire. Your elbow friend easily fits on door armrest or center console. Which, helps you from digging of your elbow on the hard plastic armrest. Also, it elevates your arm for better hold of the steering wheel and a comfortable ride.

6 port charger
When on road trips the phone battery dies in no time. And, the phone is one thing that is on constant use. whether for music or game. And, then the real problem is that all the batteries die together. For situations like these, a six-port charger is the only help. it can charge all the phones at once and no one needs to worry about dying batteries. And here you have a happily charged squad.

J shaped pillow
Everyone gets tired on the long trip and needs a nap when all the fun and excitement are paused. But hanging necks on the windows or the seats are not at all comfortable. J shaped pillow gives your neck and chin proper support so that you can enjoy your travel nap. Also, it helps you say goodbye to the neck problems.

Portable Jump Starter
It is a savior. The portable jump starter is everything you can think of. It is a charger, compass and also a flashlight. In short, it is everything you need while traveling. It is easy to use and compact.

Inflatable mattress
When comes to road trip the one thing you have to compromise in exchange for all the fun and adventure is the comfort. It can easily give you more space and make your back seat into a bedroom. It can be easily inflated with the machine you get with it. And, it also can be used for camping.

Electric cooler
Road trip= a lot of food and beverages. But what’s the fun when they are not fresh and cold. So don’t forget to incorporate an electric cooler with you while traveling. It can easily be plugged in your car and give the right temperature to your food.

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