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Remember the scene from iconic movie Queen, the 2013 movie starring Kangana Ranaut, it is one of the movie that remained in the minds of all people for a longer period. And if you remember the scene from the movie, in which Rani, Kangana’s character ask her mother- “Mummy, heeng ko English me kya kehte hain?” and her mother reply: “... heeng ko English me heeng hi kehte hain, beta!” hahaha…so there are so many food items those English names we don’t know. And I am sure that you must agree at some point.

And this will also help while you watch any cooking show or Masterchef America because most of the chefs use English names of food items, and we start thinking what it could be and quickly Google it, meanwhile miss next steps. Even this happens with me a lot, but no more. If they say Fox Nuts, means they are adding Makhana in their dish.

So let’s together start this game…

1. Chikoo

2. Makhana

3. Sabudana

4. Turai

5. Saunf

6. Methi

7. Tinda

8. Lauki

9. Arbi

10. Parmal

11. Amla

12. Ajwain

13. Sooji

14. Heeng

15. Sitaphal

16. Rajma

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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