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The Board results for class 12 have been declared and two students have scored 499 out of 500 this year. This trend of scoring a near ‘perfect score’ overall and absolute ‘perfect score’ in some subjects has been in picture from quite a few years. What does it indicate in reality? Is it the level of hard-work put in by the students which is making a difference or there some other reasons behind it which have really resulted in this trend.

The trend certainly indicates that the pattern of examination papers which has changed since the past few years. The number of subjective questions on which it is difficult to secure a perfect score has been decreased which of course is not a good sign. It is definitely the win-win situation for the crammers but what about the creative students? Aren’t they at losing end?

I clearly remember our English teacher used to say that you cannot score full marks in descriptive questions. Yes of course when it comes to objective questions you always have the chance of securing full marks. There are some subjects like Mathematics and Science which helped you to improve your grades but in some subjects, it was not possible to secure a perfect score at all. So how has this miracle happened in the previous few years?

The answer lies in the question papers set by the CBSE, which just test your ability to cram things. The more you can cram more marks you achieve. How is that going to help the students in the future is a question CBSE, school, parents, teachers and students should be concerned about.

There should definitely be efforts made to improve the efficiency in gaining knowledge rather than cramming the information because that is not going to help anyway.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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