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When cricket is just not the sport for people millions of kids grow up playing, loving and living it. It turns out to be the biggest passion for them as they grow. While many dream to play for team India, there are hardly few of those millions who get the opportunity to play for India and it is definitely the biggest privilege of any cricket lover.

When mere coming in the eye of the selectors is a big challenge one can only imagine the amount of efforts and perquisites needed to get selected and play in the team.

Quite obvious talent is not the only factor which plays a role in the selection. From joining the sports clubs to academies to bribing the persons at the ground level to putting in efforts to being noticed by any selector is what goes behind the selection of any player. Thus, It’s just not the talent or hard work that goes in the training of the person since childhood to be that lucky in millions to be able to play for the team. There are very few who pose that determination, family background financially and emotionally to keep going despite the big hurdles just to showcase the talent.

If you are lucky enough to have the required passion, talent and financial resources to get a chance to be able to get noticed by selectors it is also important that luck and destiny is in your hand because there are chances of you not getting selected if you have one bad day and it is very rare you will get that number of chances.

When the journey from playing for local cricket to International cricket is so difficult the platforms like IPL definitely proves like a golden opportunity for young players.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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