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Falling in love with someone very fast isn’t wrong but it is a fact that if you fall in love very fast it is mere a sign of lust, attraction or infatuation and making big promises on the basis of that is definitely not a good option because….

1. When you are promising someone you are actually giving them hope and they start thinking their future with you. It is thus crucial you are certain that you want to spend your entire life with them because fake promises are worse than lies.

2. Before you start think to live your life with someone make sure about what do you wish to do with your life. It is important to have clarity about what both of you want to achieve in life and only if both of you are on the same page it is advisable that you move ahead.

3. When you start talking to someone you get attracted to them in a way but before making any such commitments you need to be certain that you know the person in depth. For this, it is necessary you carefully observe everything when you are around them.

4. The way a person treats the people around him is an indication of how the person is in real. It feels good when someone says that they are in love with us and want to spend their life with us but does their action prove that?

5. It is important that you don’t rush into the big responsibilities and decisions merely on the basis of little moments. You need to give time to each other to understand that if your love can last longer.

Thus, before making any promise to someone make 100% sure that you want to spend your life with them otherwise, it can break their heart.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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