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In rare of such stories a Kota-based engineer, Sujeet Swami received Rs. 33 as a refund from the Indian Railways after two years of arduous attempts. The amount of Rs. 35 left unreceived as service tax despite him cancelling the ticket prior to the implementation of GST in April 2017. While Sujeet had been following the case from the last 2 years and finally received his little money after deduction of 2 Rs there are hardly people like him who toil their sweat for such low amount.

When we have had an awful experience at a restaurant or a café or received dodgy products how many of us really keep our stand. Ordered food from Zomato and the food was awful in taste. Do you complain about it? I guess very few of us do that. We prefer lying it down because that demands pain in the ass and we don’t like putting in efforts, keeping in mind the kind of customer services we have. No doubt, they do listen to the grievances of customers but everyone knows the long procedure which is followed in anything and everything in India.

We prefer going for short cuts even if it is a breach of our consumer rights. I mean do we fight for our rights? The number of people who does that is really very less. It’s just not the lack of interest but also the lack of information which plays a key role in such matters. Half of us don’t even know about our rights and how to go about it even if they want to fight against the system and the remaining work is done by our slow system. Thus the result is we hardly bother what exactly wrong is happening with us.

And when people like him fight a long battle against the system it definitely is appreciable.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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