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Love traveling but hate scheduling it? Well, these apps have made our travel diaries easy. From, hotel to flights to food and even washrooms on the street they got it all figured out. Here are the apps you can depend on when traveling.

Gate Guru
While Traveling you often get confused about the directions and places but with Gate Guru, you don’t have to worry. You can your own root plan. This app gives you information about Airlines, their arrival, and departure and locations of nearest airports. It directs you to the shortest and nearest ways and if you are new to an airport it gives you full reiki of the place. Also, the food place at the airport.

Trip It
Hotels, Flights, Directions, Maps or Dinner reservation you can find this all in one app. It updates you about every small detail related to your flights or hotels. Through email, they deliver information about delays and cancellations. You can Plan trips on social media sites as well with the help of this app

Want to pee and can’t even communicate due to the difference in language to ask for a restroom near you? This is one problem every traveler’s face. But who knew there could be an app to help you find the nearest washroom. Flush works even without an internet connection and becomes your savior in washroom emergency situations. It not only locates the nearest restroom but also directs you to it.

Hotels, Flights, Travel sites and even renting a car this app gives you all. But what’s different? It tells you about fluctuating market rates and not only this it also keeps you updated about industry trends. So with this app, you can travel without a fuss and even stay updated.

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