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No doubt that shape wears are good, and with no time they instantly push our stomach in and make it flat. If you are using or anyone in your family is using, they would have told you about for sure how perfectly it minimizes the size of the stomach and thighs. But they will never tell you about the harms it gives in return. Actually, it is not their fault, they are unable to tell you because they don’t know about the harms.

Now you must be thinking that- how it can harm you right or anybody, right? IF you thinking deeply and notice your habits you will encounter how much psychologically it is affecting your health and dominating your decision.

When you wear a tummy tucker it forces your stomach in, and from the viewer’s side, you look fit, but you know the reality. And whenever you want to get a flat tummy, you portray to have one, this set your psychology on the beatification of the body instead of getting a healthy body. Now you have a substitute for your large fatty tummy, so why your brain forces you to go to the gym, or for exercise.

So this is the main harm of wearing a shape-wear, it stops you to go to the gym or do the workout. So you remain unhealthy from inside.

Let me show you one more disadvantage of it. Imagine you are going to a party and wearing a body-hugging dress or the outfit in which your big tummy can make you feel low confident, so you wear your shape-wear again. But when it’s the time for dinner, you become helpless and unable to eat as much as your body required. Here again, this shape-wear dominate your mind and you eat less so that you won’t feel comfortable.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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