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A majority of the people you talk to on a daily basis are big fat liars. The habit of a lie has been embedded in our lives so deeply that speaking a lie appears very ‘normal’ to us that we find it absolutely to okay do that. Thus, we end up lying to ourselves as well as others.

Consider a small example. What do you really say when someone asks you ‘How are they looking’? Do you really say what you feel? Do you say that they are looking awful if you feel so? I guess very few of us even have that guts to present real and honest opinion about something or someone.

Why do we exactly do that? Maybe because we are so much concerned about what other people will think about them if they present their honest opinion about them? So that naturally means that we are scared to even express our opinions about something and why are we afraid to do that.

It’s because we are so afraid to accept the bitter truth and realities about us that we end up preferring to listen and speak lies.

Not just we lie but we validate it with thoughts like ‘When everyone does that if I will do it how much difference will it make’? ‘There is nothing wrong in a speaking lie’ or ‘people don’t understand the truth so it is better to speak a lie’.

Thus, we speak another lie to hide the previous lies and in the process, we end up with piles of the lie. After collecting a huge bundle of lies we sympathise ourselves that what we did was absolutely spot-on and just because there was no way out it was better to speak a lie.

However, this habit of ours is quite bothersome because in the process of speaking lies and validating with our lies we have lost the true guts and humanity to even speak and accept the truth.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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