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Gadget desk Chinese researchers have developed new camera technology. This technique is capable of taking photos from 45 kilometers away. Based on Artificial Intelligence, this camera has also used light detection and ranging technology. It can take photos of large size objects.

According to Arxiv, a journal published by researcher Jeng Ping Li, this camera technology has used laser imaging and advanced artificial intelligence software, which is capable of taking precise photos despite smog and other pollution present in the atmosphere.

The LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) technology has already been used in many cameras and in imaging techniques. Researchers say that with the help of new software, it has left its competitors far behind. This technique has used gating software. This helps to ignore the object, and the photon left by other objects in between the camera.

The camera uses the laser to detect the distance of the object. It also tells how long it takes to light up the light object and reach the camera. The new software gives the message to the camera how to ignore other objects coming in the way. This feature allows the camera to take a specific distance of the photo.

MIT Technology has stated in its review that its advantage also is that the camera uses the infrared laser at 1550 nanometer wavelength. According to the report, Wavelength not only protects the use of the camera but also does not harm the eyes of humans. Along with this, it also protects the photo from the Solar Photon, which causes the photos to be damaged many times.

According to the researchers, this technique can also be used for monitoring and remote sensing. This technique can be absorbed in a shoe-box size, which can be applied in a small aircraft or autonomous vehicle.

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