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A great tournament has finally come to an end and it’s the Mumbai Indians who won the knockout for the fourth time in IPL history.

Chennai V/s Mumbai Head To Head statistics (All seasons)

1. Number of final matches

The IPL has had its 10 seasons and Chennai Super Kings had made to the finals 8 times while Mumbai Indians has maintained 100% record in finals and winning all the four finals of the IPL. Chennai Super Kings are however behind the Mumbai Indians when it comes to a number of wins. CSK have been able to grab 3 wins out of the 8 finals.


Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings have faced each other 4 times in the big match. It was only in 2010 when Mumbai Indians were defeated by CSK, while the later has been defeated 3 times in the IPL history.

Total Matches Against Each Other

The two teams have played 28 matches in total in all the IPL seasons. The winning percentage of MI has been higher than CSK. Out of the 28 matches played while MI has won 17 matches; CSK has been able to manage the win in 11 matches.

The only final in which CSK has been able to manage win was by defending his score. CSK scored 168 in the 20 overs while MI was able to score 146 in 20 overs, thus was defeated by 23 runs. In the previous 3 IPL encounters in the finale, CSK lost the match when MI successfully defended its score

Highest and Lowest Score Against Each other

While there is not much of a difference in both the team when it comes to the highest score against each other. However, CSK stands behind MI in terms of the lowest score against each other. The lowest score of CSK is 79 while 141 remains the lowest score of MI.

Thus, it is pretty clear that while MI and CSK are the two most successful teams of IPL, MI are ahead of CSK when it comes to the number of wins against each other, be it in finals or otherwise.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design Credits- Vikas Kakkar

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