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Today morning itself I saw an advertisement inviting people to the Directorate position in some agricultural field. It was hilarious to see how they mentioned the eligibility criterion for the profile. It said “Anpadh (Illiterate) to graduate can apply and the salary for the same was (13500-16500). Now expecting the minimum salary according to the post that an Illiterate will get would be 13500 while the maximum salary that a graduate can get is 16500. So the basic difference in the pay scale of a graduate and an illiterate is just 3000 Rs.

This is the scenario of most of the job profiles. There is a little difference in the salary category of people at the lower profile. The broad generalized category has been created which fits people with different education qualification on the same page. The person who is a graduate is also getting the same pay scale and the person who is post-graduate is also getting the same pay. It does not only happen especially in some work areas rather it happens in most of the work profiles. The media sector is one major work area where it exists. However, jobs in the engineering sector also have the same scenario.

Another noticeable factor is the increment or promotion. The person who joined an organization 10 years ago and the person who has just joined the organization there does not exist a very major difference in both in terms of salary pay and growth. The recent conflict regarding the banding issue in the telecom industry, to be specific after the Voda and Idea merger highlights the same concern of the employees were experienced and fresher’s are put in the same band.

Thus, while getting education qualifications remains the single foremost issue, the practicality of the same in the market does not make that difference.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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