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Pay is important but pay does not go far….

When the person joins an organization he would present his most decent side to everyone. He would show his maximum skills and would definitely go an extra mile at the beginning of his new job and this is what every employee does. While some are over-enthusiastic, most of them at least maintain a minimum standard to prove him.

There are a lot more similar things which every working person does, expecting the salary at the time is one basic prerequisite accepted by everyone.

1. The dilemma about increment and growth.

There is no one who does not think about growth and no matter if he has just joined or has been working for years every employee thinks about the increment. When he will get the increment and how much increment will he get are some basic questions that concern every employee.

2. Dilemmas about maintaining a coordinated relation with his reporting manager and HR.

There always occur thoughts and dilemmas about maintaining a coordinated relation with his reporting manager and HR because they are the one who will fulfil their concern about increment and promotions. So every employee has to make efforts to maintain a healthy relationship with the immediate boss.

3. The dilemma about dealing with mind and heart.

Every employee also has to deal with his mind and heart which has a conflicting interest in terms of going to the office. Every other day we feel like not going to the office, and then we remember about the salary cut at the end of the month. So the mind definitely wins over the heart every other time.

4. The dilemma of managing sleep and office time.

The youngster today has a habit of sleeping late in the night. So every other day he has to manage his sleep and reach office on time.

5. The dilemma of switching a job.

The other important dilemma that every employee has to face is regarding when should he switch to a job and would the new job will have a good working environment, boss.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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