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American actress Alyssa Milano appealed sex strikes against women against abortion laws. Milano introduced the #MeeToo campaign in Hollywood. She gave the message of uniting the law against the rights of women while stating this law against women’s rights. The actress gave the message of denying partner to sex on her social media account. She wrote that women should strike their partners on their partners until we don’t get the rights to get our bodies under control.

Georgia is the fourth state in the US that has changed the law of abortion. Under Heartbeat Law, they have made it that women cannot do abortion even after the fetal heartbeat. Usually, fetal beats can be felt in 6 weeks and often women do not even feel pregnant. In the Republican-led state, there is a lot of controversy surrounding this law.

Alyssa has made several tweets on her social media regarding sex strikes. In a tweet, she wrote, “We all need to understand that the conditions in the whole country are so bad. We are trying to realize that we have our own right over our body and how we want to use it.

In another tweet, he wrote, “We love and can fight for the freedom of our body.” There are many more alternative ways to equate men. Protect your woven, Ladies! The men sitting on the posts of power are trying to control that too.

There are some people supporting Me too movement leader Elisa’s campaign, so some are against them. Their views are both Liberal and Conservative. Conservatives criticize it saying that its purpose is to increase restraint about sex. Liberal has also been criticizing it saying that sex strikes are such an idea that women are doing a favor for men by having a physical relationship.

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