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There are some people who just cannot reach anywhere on time, no matter how hard they try. Being on time is just not their cup of tea and thus they have had to listen every time they just cross the boundaries of time. However, when these people reach on time it absolutely does not feel ‘normal’ for them or maybe people around them just don’t make them feel normal because in India, no matter what you do you will have to hear specific comments from the society.

So, what does really happen when a person reaches on time accidentally?

His inner self:

1. You feel like a celebrity.

Quite naturally there are various thoughts that come in a person’s mind when he reaches on time. The person feels like a celebrity who has achieved something big in life.You would see him cheerful throughout the day and you would definitely feel a different energy from him.

2. You feel like you deserve employee of the year award

Not just that he feels like he should be presented with some award may be like’ Employee of the year’. If that’s not possible he at least expects some kind of medal for his big accomplishment.

3. You doubt if there is off today.

However quite logically this is the thought that pops up quite later in his mind. Initially, he doubts himself and thinks things like ‘has timings been changed’? Or maybe is there actually office today? Because he himself cannot believe how this has happened that he has come sooner than others.

The society does it its best to make the other person special…

Oh, look! Who is on time today? Maybe the sun has risen in the wrong direction? What’s the reason now tell us that ‘you’ have come on time? I mean you! It’s not possible.

Thus, the person who is habitual of coming late office every day will be made to feel ‘special’ indifferently even if he comes early someday.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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