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We all spend most of our life in full-time education to prepare ourselves better in the real world and suddenly when we find ourselves thrust into the “real world it feels like a step into the unknown and the anticipation is definitely the worst part because the reality is far intimidating than we expected. The education system does not actually prepare you for reality, thus the reality is so much different from the expectations.

A look at why expectations are different from the reality:

We’ve all shown up excited for a new job only to have the shine wear off quicker than we’d like because there is an unfortunate gap between what students learn in college what is expected at the workplace.

1. Learning

While there is a great deal of theoretical learning, studying of the history at college what really is required at workplace is theoretical learning along with practical skills.

2. Deadlines

While college are expected you to prepare for the market it hardly does that because while college life is all about flexible work deadlines the market requires strict work deadlines.

3. Focus

You would hardly any university which encourages the students to go out of the league, thus making the probability of trying something new weaker and the result is the college is not preparing creative minds but rather machines which market already has in abundance.

4. Work Pressure

Apart from that, it is evidently noticed that youngsters end up quitting the job very early. This happens because the college does not prepare the youth for the real world as expected by the market. It does not teach the required skills like handling the pressure. Thus they end up being impatient and incompetent to deal with the pressures of the real world.

5. Skills

While similar practical knowledge is ingrained to a lot of current as well as previous batches, the market requires in hands-experience on the latest technology and softwares.

6. Placement criterion

There is a misconception that if you secure good grades you will get placed in a good company. However, it does not stand true as according to the real world academic and intelligence score does not match.

Thus, what is taught in college is different from what is expected at workplace, the reason why workplace expectations is so different from the reality.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design Credits- Vikas Kakkar

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