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‘Religion helps in magnifying your powers on material things and making life more luxurious,’ believes Chandra Shekhar Sharma, the panditji who is vested huge trust in by none other than the treasured family of India, the Ambanis. Nita and Mukesh Ambani is known to be exceptionally spiritual and believe quite staunchly in religious traditions.

In the final match of IPL last Sunday, where Mumbai Indians were playing against Chennai Super Kings, a video did rounds where Nita Ambani was spotted chanting, praying for the ultimate win. Don’t you think we all seriously need that, at least that hymn can help us if not money, someday!

Speaking to MensXP, Pandit Chandra Shekhar Sharma shared, “We do the 'Chandi paath' ahead of every match and yesterday, we performed it during the entire match, until Malinga's final ball. It is lord Durga's 'paath' and is performed in order to enhance one's luck. It gives you the power and the energy to do something in the way that it was meant to.”
While Mumbai Indians is one heck of a strategic team, Nita Ambani did not like to leave any stone unturned to get that trophy in her hand. She was spotted chanting her special mantra during the match with great belief, standing strongly by her team.

Mumbai Indians ticked right all the boxes in the league. It finished first in the league, won the first qualifier very conveniently and then grabbed the moments that mattered in the final to finally emerge as the victorious one.
Mumbai Indians beat Chennai Super Kings by just one run in a nail-biting Indian Premier League final to claim a record fourth title in Hyderabad on Sunday. That’s surely a magical win, as most of the netizens called it ‘fixed’ while others have more power to the ‘mantra’ by lady Ambani.
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