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When she gets into a relationship, she would not you want to believe and want it to last forever? No one wants to deal with the pain of heartbreak anymore. Thus, she hopes that this guy is going to be the ‘ONE’—one who will never hurt or judge and one who will love no matter what and the sugar-coated promises made by a guy adds to the hope of a ‘ Forever relationship’. However, do these promises made by a guy really count? Does the promises made gets fulfilled?

Let’s have a reality check of the promises made by a guy:

# Promise 1

#Promise 2

# Promise 3

# Promise 4

# Promise 5

# Promise 6

# Promise 7

As they say the ‘honeymoon phase’ of the relationship does not last forever and things usually do not remain the constant forever. However we should stay away from the fake promises to the extent possible because initially it can add extra dose of sweetness in your relationship but results in big heartbreaks.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design Credits- Vikas Kakkar

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