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When it comes to fashion, it seems like we always want more, more, more. We’re here to remind you that it’s about quality, not quantity. Most guys don’t have the time to do a major overhaul so we have a few grooming tips and fashion hacks on how to get the most out of what you purchase or what you may already own. Read on for 25 fashion hacks you need in your life.

Throw out old clothes - It seems so simple but clearing out your wardrobe of old, worn out clothes makes room for new ones. It also stops you from going back to old favorites and encourages you to try new styles. Check out Melissa’s video on closet clean up.Photo credit: Closet Maid

Get a hair cut - Get a new or versatile hair cut.

Make sure you have your 10 essentials - A solid foundation is crucial for building your wardrobe. With these ten pieces in your closet, you can mix and match for all necessary events and start to add variety.

Get manicures - Getting manicures isn’t exactly about being pampered or having a spa day. It means having your nails trimmed and cleaned. A hand massage is usually included which helps as we use our hands all day.

Wear cologne - A signature scent can make you feel like a whole new man. But remember, less is more.

Update your glasses - Glasses frame your face and certain styles can give you a completely different look. There are plenty of websites that you can get custom shades for budget prices like Warby Parker.

Maintain facial hair - Keep facial hair neat and trimmed. A small detail in grooming can make a huge difference.

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