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No one in the commercial world is unknown to this name, Jack Ma, the Chinese billionaire and founder Jack of Alibaba, who is has found himself in a controversial spot again. Just last month, Ma faced quite a lot of criticism for advocating "996 work culture" — a regime under which tech employees should work for 12-hours a day, six days a week.

And again, in a statement which kind of contradicts his previous statement, Ma has gone further and said that along with 996, employees should also take up the "669" mantra for a good home and work-life balance. Now you would want to know that what’s 669? Having sex six times in six days "with the emphasis on 9".
The statement came out during a mass wedding of the employees of his company this Friday which he of course attended and where he encouraged his employees to indulge in sex six times a day and May 10th is also followed as the Ali day, a day dedicated to the employees of Alibaba.

According to Ma, the KPI (Key Performance Index) of 669 along with 996 work culture is important for maintaining optimum productivity and work-life balance. The message was even uploaded on Alibaba's official page on Chinese social media site Weibo.
The comments have fetched a lot of criticism for the 54-year-old billionaire on Chinese social media with many slamming Ma for commenting on his employees' sex lives. Others stressed on the point that how could after working 9 am to 9 pm shifts for six days, employees would have the energy to perform at 669 levels.

However, coming amid one of the worst population crises that China has ever witnessed last year, Ma's comments may just be foreshadowing a reality.

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