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It’s easy to sit in your salon chair and feel amazing to get beautiful and natural hair length of your choice have you ever wondered from where do these ‘hair extensions’ really come from?

Well, most of us don’t really don’t know that the culture of going bald and donating the hairs is quite popular in temples of southern states of India and Indian temples do a brisk business of selling the hairs not just in India but overseas as well. Indian hairs for the gods get on the heads to more than 55 countries including some parts of Europe and Africa as well. Indian hairs are considered one of the beautiful hairs in the world and thus make the apt choice for the world.

While donating hairs have a quiet of fantasy stories associated with it and devote remains oblivious of what is finally done with their hairs, they still go with the practice of going bald because it is considered in Hindu culture. The business of hair thus works on the unethical grounds in most of the cases with few exceptions.

It is assumed that some of the organizations actually use these ‘hair extensions’ for good cause. It is said that they are being provided to children and young people with hair loss. The amount of money raised by the temples is also contributed to noble causes by some temples. However the ethical business of selling hairs limits to very few.

In most of the cases the business benefits both the temples and the person who buys the hair, the only parties which remain sidelined are the devotees who get bald but remain ignorant with the practice.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
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